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Nusa Dua is known every bit an enclave of large international 5-star resorts. Nusa Dua agency 2 islands (nusa 'island', dua 'two'), because in that place are 2 islands inward bay of Bali Bali Tourismism Development Corporation area, the 2 islands are located inward the southern side lays is called Peninsula Island as well as the northern side lays is called Nusa Dharma Island which is smaller as well as it has Pura/Temple or Pura Nusa Dharma. The beaches hither are glorious - white sand, deep, long as well as rubber for swimming. The populace beach at Geger is the best to caput to if you lot are non staying at Nusa Dua. This is likewise domicile to i of the best museums inward Bali. The museum is nearly e'er empty. The Nusa Dua enclave has 3 manned gates as well as everyone entering is dependent area to a security search. This tin convey a slightly claustrophobic upshot according to around points of view, as well as inward other points of persuasion makes guests experience to a greater extent than secure. While around may criticize this for creating the feel of an "artificial location", given the prior acts of terrorism inward Bali around guests practise appreciate the fact that security checks are made to heighten their safety.


Nusa Dua is located 40km S of Denpasar, the provincial upper-case missive of the alphabet of Bali. Access is slow from the Kuta surface area (20-30 minutes) as well as Jimbaran (15 minutes) on the original southern route called Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai, which becomes Jalan Bypass Nusa Dua every bit it approaches the enclave. And straight off likewise available Toll way access route makes easy to attain other area.


Nusa Dua Area was started as well as built inward twelvemonth 1974,as a termination from report of French consultant, SCETO ( Societe Centrale pour l'equpeent Bali Tourismistique Ouetre-Mer) inward the twelvemonth 1970 as well as likewise feasibility report conducted past times PCI (Pacific Consultants International) twelvemonth 1971-1973 for financing of World Bank aid. The Indonesian Government has delivered this surface area management to PT. BTDC (Bali Bali Tourismism Development Corporation) which existing nether the police as well as rule of Republic Republic of Indonesia Government no.27 twelvemonth 1972, on 12 Nov 1972. This surface area owns the around consummate tourism facilities inward Bali as well as Republic of Indonesia similar v star hotels, luxury accommodations, villas, convention hall, shopping centre as well as beautiful beaches. The v star hotels be inward this surface area are Club Med, Nusa Dua Beach Hotel, The Westin Resort, The Laguna Resort, Melia Bali Villas as well as Spa, The Ayodya Resort, Kayu Manis Villa, Nikko Bali Resort as well as Spa, The Bale Villas as well as Novotel Nusa Dua. There are likewise sports activities spots are available inward this are such as: lawn tennis court, crush as well as golf game course. Each hotel is completed past times v star eatery facilities, bar, pub as well as beach activities. Nusa Dua is an ideal house for vacation inward Bali.

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