Bali Indonesia tourism map: Mountain Agung Trekking

Mount Agung is the highest mount inwards Bali alongside 3142m peak higher upwardly ocean level. Trekking or climbing to Mt. Agung is 1 of best Bali trekking adventure. If you lot are looking for the existent Bali peril in addition to to a greater extent than challenging tour plan this trekking is perfect for you. At the bottom of Mount Agung, in that location are ii large temples called Besakih Temple or Pura ( the largest temple inwards Bali ) in addition to Pasar Agung Temple or Pura. There are ii roads to the summit of Mount Agung namely: curt trip (Pasar Agung Temple or Pura) in addition to long trip (Besakih Temple or Pura).

We’re leaving at 02:00 from starting hollo for or Pasar Agung Temple or Pura the non bad marketplace for the God according Hindu follower bilief. After making an offering in addition to prayer at the holy Pasar Agung temple, the highest inwards Bali, nosotros cause down the ascent of this impressive volcano to driblet dead inwards in fourth dimension to witness the nearly extraordinary sunrise you lot run across inwards Bali in addition to to taste the spectacular morning time views of the neighboring islands of Lombok, Nusa Penida in addition to the whole southward in addition to eastward of Bali. Trekking kickoff through jungle, nosotros piece of job yesteryear the tree trouble in addition to trek upwardly the lava flows, enjoying the spectacular nighttime views of Bali where the lights are amazing.

Our experienced climbing guide volition e'er contiguous alongside you. We would guide maintain this trip inwards closed to iii until four hours to the summit of mount Agung. When nosotros driblet dead inwards at the top of Mount Agung nosotros tin guide maintain a residue in addition to driblet dead Breakfast box spell taste the beautiful sunrise in addition to run across Bali isle from plane oculus view. In clear weather condition nosotros tin run across the beautiful sunrise alongside silhouette of Mt. Rinjani inwards Lombok island. In the agency dorsum to the bottom of the mount nosotros tin taste the fresh breeze in addition to plane singing.
The other trip likewise tin hold upwardly started from Besakih Temple or Pura volition hold upwardly taken six until vii hours to the top of mount Agung or the highest peak. From hither all of the isle of Bali, mount inwards Lombok in addition to Java likewise tin hold upwardly seen.

USD 90/person (Long Trip)
USD 75/person (Short Trip)

*Minimum booking 2 persons 

Nusa Dua, Sanur, Kuta: 23.00 pm.
Ubud expanse : 23.30 

Bali Tourism Includes :
  • Air conditioned hotel transfer
  • Mineral drinking water
  • Experienced trekking guide alongside proficient English linguistic communication speaking to ensure an enjoyable trip 
  • Entrance fee
  • Various stunning scenery in addition to photograph opportunities

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*Car Charter With Driver

 Mount Agung is the highest mount inwards Bali alongside  Bali<a href=Bali TourismismMap: MOUNT AGUNG TREKKING" border="0" src="" />


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