Bali Indonesia tourism map: Lovina Beach

Lovina is i of the famous tourist places inwards northern role of Bali which owns beautiful of calm body of body of water water, blackish chromatic sand in addition to the body of body of water alongside its dolphin. One of the favorite fascinations attraction inwards Lovina is dolphin watching tour. Hundreds of dolphins tin endure seen inwards the morning time fourth dimension some 1 km offshore. We tin come across the dolphin attractions inwards this place, they are jumping, swimming which is actually interesting to watch. It is recommended also for tourist has the fourth dimension to come across the sunset here. Lovina is good supported yesteryear local authorities of Buleleng every bit nosotros tin come across tourist facilities, restaurants & hotels are available here.


Lovina beach extends inwards iii villages such every bit Kalibukbuk, Kaliasem & Temukus. It is officially located inwards Kalibukbuk hamlet which is roofing some countryside such every bit Pemaron, Tukad Mungga, Anturan in addition to Kalibukbuk itself. Kalibukbuk hamlet is located inwards Buleleng sub district, meanwhile the Kaliasem in addition to Temukus hamlet are located inwards Banjar sub district. Both of the sub districts are located inwards Buleleng regency. The most eastern role of Lovina is Pemaron close five Km westward of Singaraja, in addition to the most western role of Lovina is Temukus close 12 Km westward of Singaraja.


The key principal signal of Lovina expanse is located 10 Km from Singaraja town. Nowadays, Lovina expanse is becoming the busiest signal of tourism activities inwards northern role of Bali in addition to offering many variety of accommodations, restaurants, bars, beach activities, fine art shops, bank, transportations etc. The accommodations inwards this expanse are available from the star hotel course of report until small-scale hotel fifty-fifty the abode rest for the depression budget travelers. As a tourist expanse in addition to middle of tourism inwards Singaraja, Lovina larn the biggest see from tourist who are visiting due north role of Bali . It is estimated yesteryear 90% from tourists who come upwards to due north role of Bali volition endure staying inwards Lovina. The most interesting attraction hither is watching dolphin attraction during sunrise. It is highly recommended to rest overnight inwards Lovina to come across the dolphin nevertheless it volition endure a expert sentiment also if visitors rest inwards other expanse come upwards early on inwards the morning time to Lovina to come across the dolphin.

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