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Kerta Gosa is a beautiful historical site situated inward the hearth of  Semarapura (capital of Klungkung regency), close fifty km due east side of Denpasar City. The advert of Kerta Gosa is taken from Sanskrit language. “Kerta” literally agency serene whereas “Gosa” discussion is derived from discussion of “Gosita” literally agency established or announced. Thus the pregnant of Kerta Gosa is a sort of “Bale” edifice where the manly someone monarch announces Judicial Legislation, justice, penalisation together with and then on. Beside of Kerta Gosa, at that topographic point is around other edifice which is called equally “Taman Gili” which is located following to “Bale Kembang” that is a traditional edifice floating inward the oculus of fish pond.


Kerta Gosa (court of justice) is located inward the eastern part of Bali island. it is located inward the centre of Semarapura town. It is located close fifty kilometres from Denpasar. it takes close 1 lx minutes elbow grease from Ubud, close two hours from Denpasar. From Kuta Legian, Seminyak together with Nusa Dua takes close 2.5 hours drive. Other tourist destinations are located nearby this place such as : Tirta Gangga, Goa Lawah, Bloo Lagoon beach. Normally a sightseeing trip goes to Besakih temple volition lay Kerta Gosa equally 1 of goal volition endure visited.


Kerta Gosa was founded inward eighteen century together with it has a lot of changed & renovation were made inward twenty century. These edifice stimulate got been renovated after a huge earthquake broke many parts of the edifice 1971. The most unique business office of this edifice is the ceiling made from the asbestos fabric fully decorated yesteryear the traditional icon inward Kamasan way famous inward 1930. Thirty years afterwards inward 1960, Pan Semaris Putra from Pan Seken has restored together with renewed according to the master copy style. During the Dutch colonization (1908 – 1942), Kerta Gosa is all the same used equally a courtroom to persecute the violators specially criminal. In business amongst the colonial administration, the Indonesian Law has changed from the legal organization Majapahit heritage (Traditional) into the continental constabulary organization which is brought yesteryear the Dutch. The changes of the organization are non agency to retaliation, but amend the perpetrator to endure accepted dorsum into their society. By this concept, the discussion of Penjara (Jail) has changed into Lembaga Pemasyarakatan (LP).

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