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Batukaru Temple or Pura or Pura Luhur Batukaru is a Hindu temple inward Tabanan, Bali, Indonesia. Located on the southern gradient of Mount Batukaru, Bali's second-highest peak, the temple is 1 of nine kayangan jagat (directional temples) meant to protect Bali from evil spirits. Originally was built on 11th century, Pura Luhur Batukaru was dedicated to the ancestors of the rajas of Tabanan. It was destroyed inward 1604, but rebuilt inward 1959. The temple's most of import shrine is a 7-tiered meru dedicated to Mahadewa, the God of Mount Batukaru. Today, Pura Luhur Batukaru remains an extremely sacred site for Bali's Hindu population. Many of the complex's grounds rest off-limits to visitors for diverse ceremonies too events throughout the year. The temple is too the get-go halt 1 must accept earlier ascending to the summit of Mount Batukaru. H5N1 pilgrimage takes house to the peak 1 time a year, too may run into thousands of worshipers walk its trails at once. Batukaru Temple or Pura is 1 of the biggest Hindu Temple or Puras in Bali inward Bali amongst Catur Lokapala Temple or Pura too Padmabhuwana Temple or Pura status. It is laid upward inward the plateau expanse amongst lush tropical pelting wood surroundings it. It is situated inward the peaceful expanse which is far from the local resident that is ideally for worship. There are to a greater extent than or less temple edifice spread out through the tranquillity of pelting wood too the large mount of Batukaru equally a dorsum drop.


Watukaru or Batukaru Temple or Pura is located at Wangaya Gede countryside, Penebel sub-District too Tabanan regency, inward W business office of Bali Island. It is located correct on the human foot of Mount Batukaru too nearly 2 hours from Denpasar Airport. It takes ii hours fifteen minutes elbow grease from Kuta, Legian too Seminyak. ii hours thirty minutes drives from Sanur while from Nusa Dua takes nearly ii hours xl minutes.



The history of this temple is hard to last institute out fifty-fifty inward the ancient omission exists inward this temple. For illustration to a greater extent than or less profile expanse similar harpoon ain the Ancient Bali type, but no written information institute it. The attempt written report too interrogation of this temple history rest to notice difficulties. The temple festival at Luhur Batukaru or Batukaru Temple or Pura is executed every six-month or 210 days which is every Th Umanis Wara Dungulan (Balinese Calendar), merely the twenty-four hours later Galungan Day (the biggest Balinese Hindu Holidays). The extension twenty-four hours of temple festival is executed during 11 day, to laissez passer on the chance for Hindu populace club particularly inward Bali to come upward for praying. Pengempon (the club who accept tending of the temple) has the obligation to accept tending of the temple inclusive of ceremony execution. This fact is 1 of feature ability exterior of physical of Batu Karu Temple or Pura.

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