Indonesia Attractions: Solo Metropolis (Surakarta) The Spirit Of Java

History of Surakarta (Solo) 

History of Surakarta started when Sunan Pakubuwana II ordered Honggowongso together with Hero Member Hero Member equally good equally the commander of the Dutch troops Mangkuyudo JAB Van Hohendorff to respect the location of the Capital of the novel Islamic Mataram Kingdom, subsequently the working capital alphabetic lineament of Mataram kingdom which is located inwards Kartosuro damaged yesteryear Chinese uprising which was helped yesteryear RM Said.

Considering the physical together with non-physical factors, finally elected a hamlet on the banks of the Bengawan River hamlet called Sala (1746 1671 one k or Java).

Since together with therefore the hamlet of Sala turned into Surakarta Sultanate together with continues to grow rapidly.

Since the Dutch colonial propaganda, together with therefore in that location solving the cardinal authorities into two, namely the cardinal authorities inwards Surakarta together with Yogyakarta. Furthermore, Surakarta was led yesteryear PB ​​II (Pakubuwono II). While the Jogjakarta Sultanate led yesteryear HB I (Hamengkubuwono I)
It is characterized Through Giyanti Agreement, Feb 13, 1755. And together with therefore Surakarta broken i time again inwards 1767 became Kasunanan Salatiga understanding together with Mangkunegaran. As role of the understanding RM Said (Mangkunegoro I) together with PB II inwards facilitation (dalangi) yesteryear the Dutch colonial.

From a historical fact Surakarta, Surakarta developments inwards antiquity is strongly influenced yesteryear the presence of the cardinal authorities together with Mangkunegaran Kasunanan,

Fortress Vastenburg equally the middle of the Dutch colonial command Surakarta together with Markets Gedhe Hardjonagoro (Thomas Kaarsten) equally the middle of the city's economy.

Surakarta was founded inwards 1745, was marked yesteryear the structure of the palace started inwards house of the palace of Mataram inwards Kartasura destroyed yesteryear the Chinese people's uprising against the dominion of Pakubuwono (PB) II Kartasura enthroned inwards 1742. This rebellion fifty-fifty resultant inwards PB II fled to Ponorogo , East Java.


Surakarta is a metropolis inwards Central Java province, Indonesia. The metropolis is also known equally Solo, Sala, together with Salakarta. The lastly cry is non used anymore.

The due east side of the metropolis is impassable river enshrined inwards i of keroncong, Bengawan Solo. The metropolis was formerly also the spot of the resident, who oversees Surakarta inwards the early on days of independence. Position resident at i time abolished together with replaced yesteryear the "governor's aide Surakarta".

Surakarta has beamed motto is an acronym for Clean, Healthy, Neat, together with Beautiful. For the purposes of tourism marketing, tourism slogan Solo Solo took the Spirit of Java is expected to build the picture of the metropolis of Solo equally a middle of Javanese culture.

Solo City is located close 65 km northeast of Yogyakarta together with 100 km southeast of Semarang. Location metropolis is located inwards the lowlands (almost 100m inwards a higher house ocean level) is flanked to the westward of Mount Merapi together with Mount Lawu inwards the east. Farther due south lies Sewu Mountains. On the due east flows the Solo together with the northward flowing Kali Pepe which is role of the Solo Watershed.

Solo is sandy soil amongst a high mineral composition of immature volcanic action equally a resultant of the 2 volcanoes that bring been mentioned above. This composition, coupled amongst the availability of H2O is relatively abundant, causing lowland is really proficient for the tillage of nutrient crops, vegetables, together with industries, such equally tobacco together with carbohydrate cane. However, since the lastly twenty years of manufacturing together with tourism manufacture is growing speedily therefore many changes state utilisation for industrial activities together with residential population.

Administrative boundaries.
Surakarta borders the Karanganyar together with Boyolali inwards the north, Karanganyar together with Sukoharjo on the due east together with west, together with Sukoharjo inwards the south.

The population of the metropolis of Surakarta inwards 2003 was 552 542 people comprise of 270 721 men together with 281 821 women, spread across v districts roofing 51 villages. Comparison sexual activity 96.06% which agency every 100 females in that location were 96 males. Dependence charge per unit of measurement of 66% of the population. The population inwards 2003 when compared amongst the full population of the census of 2000 amounted to 488 834 inhabitants, agency inside three years increased yesteryear 83 708 people. Records from 1880 [3] render a count of the population 124 041 inhabitants.

If the buffer percentage of Surakarta is also incorporated equally a whole (Soloraya - Surakarta + Kartasura Colomadu, Tray, Grogol, Palur), together with therefore the extent of 130 km². Its population numbered 850,000 souls.

division of Administrative
Surakarta was divided into v districts. Each sub-district is divided into villages, together with each hamlet is divided into villages to a greater extent than or less equivalent to the Rukun Warga.

District inwards Surakarta:

District Banjarsari
Subdistrict Jebres
Subdistrict Lawiyan (also called Laweyan)
Subdistrict POND Market
Subdistrict Serengan

Surakarta together with its suburbs (Kartasura, New Solo, Palur, Colomadu, Tray, Ngemplak) is the surface area that are integrated amongst each other. Solo Raya percentage is unique because of the size of the metropolis of Surakarta themselves are but 44 foursquare kilometers together with is surrounded yesteryear the cities of the buffer, each but about one-half the breadth of the surface area straight following to the metropolis of Surakarta together with cast a unity centralized large urban areas.

Travel about Solo: 
Sukuh located at the human foot of Mount Lawu (3,200 meters), close twoscore km due east of Solo

Hotel Booking inwards the Solo City



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