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batak karo traditional solid past times  BaliTourismMap: Batak Karo Traditional House

Traditional house is 1 of the nation's cultural assets. Each portion has traditional houses amongst distinctive features as well as the uniqueness of each. However, unfortunately the 24-hour interval to a greater extent than people are leaving the expanse of traditional houses as well as motion inward a regular house. Only roughly regions, people, or tribe which notwithstanding hold out inward the traditional house.

One of the interesting traditional house is the "Batak Karo traditional house". This Traditional house is too known every bit "traditional house Siwaluh Jabu". Siwaluh Jabu has a feel of a solid inhabited past times 8 families. Each household unit of measurement has its ain purpose inward the house.

Batak Karo traditional house is unlike from other tribal house as well as the uniqueness that characterize the "Batak Karo traditional houses". It's really grand as well as fitted amongst horns. The institution procedure to the life inside traditional house are laid upwardly past times the tradition of Karo, as well as thus called the traditional house.

In addition, the uniqueness of this solid is non a barrier that limits whatsoever room. However, the partition is using really potent traditional lines, though non visible. Each room has a cite as well as anyone who should occupy the room.

Placement of families inside "Batak Karo traditional house" is determined past times the custom of Karo. Broadly speaking, this traditional house consists of "Jabu jahe (downstream)" as well as "Julu jahe (upstream)". Jabu jahe is too divided into 2 parts, namely "Jabu ujung kayu" as well as "jabu solid sendipar ujung kayu".

However, at that spot are times when "Batak Karo traditional house" consists of 8 rooms as well as is inhabited past times 8 families. While inward this solid at that spot were 4 kitchen. Each "Jabu" divided inward two, forming a "Jabu-Jabu" such every bit sedapuren bena kayu, sedapuren ujung kayu, sedapuren lepar bena kayu, dan jabu sedapuren lepar ujung kayu.

For tourists who are curious almost this traditional house, they tin laissez passer on notice visit traditional Batak Karo village. These tribes are found inward the Highlands Karo, Karo, North Sumatra. In this place, tourists tin laissez passer on notice too come across other Karo civilization that is no less interesting

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