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What's a meliorate means of spending a sunny day, than to chill on a Sun bed inwards catchy bikinis, cocktail inwards ane hand, occasionally dipping ane feet into the pool, spell listening to the resident DJs' mix?

Going to beach clubs tin live pricey, peculiarly if y'all are just back-packing. So at that spot y'all larn i got y'all covered! I listed 4 beach clubs together with bars amongst no entrance fees, thence y'all tin salve some for other things to create inwards Bali, together with there, you're welcome. Enjoy!

Bali has some of the nearly beautiful beach clubs equipped amongst cool DJs together with well-skilled chefs to quench your thirst together with hunger of both skilful nutrient together with skilful music, addition God's beautifully crafted sunsets.

I was non just a beach daughter when i initiated my trip to Bali, finally after vii years non visiting this God Island. But together with thence ane time i hitting the beach clubs, i at nowadays self-proclaimed myself equally a beach girl. Little did i dearest the beaches only, but i just loved the beach clubs, they were the ones got me falling inwards dearest to Bali, means deeper than i thought.

I did non larn the conduct chances to catch all of these beach clubs, but i create conduct maintain 4 of my favorites. I mean value after reading this, your side yesteryear side occupation would live how to catch all of them inwards ane holiday1

So let's larn directly to the list. 

1. Woo Bar - westward Hotel Seminyak

Entrance Fee : None - beds are for hotel guests, but bar is accessible for public
Instagram: @whotelseminyak
Area : Seminyak
Bookings: (0361) 4738106

Easily my favorite. The commencement beach guild i went to, together with the ane got me thinking of coming dorsum the most. This beach guild is totally underrated equally it barely got into whatsoever article of the best beach clubs inwards Bali. It depends on what y'all are looking for though, if y'all are looking for crystal clear beaches, this is non the one. But  i personally mean value what is within the beach guild itself has everything i need. Great photogenic puddle amongst kokosnoot trees, skilful food, skilful paletas wey, together with some touching of green. It's a ane house for all. At nights, the lanterns got the ambience upped together with romanced. Perfect for couples!

2. Finn's Beach Club
Entrance Fee : None - US$ 25 for beds
Area: Canggu
Instagram: +Finns Beach Club 
Bookings: 0828-9701-6178

I dearest it here! The alone matter that was off was how far this house is from my hotel equally i was staying inwards seminyak together with Finn's at Canggu. But it affected me really footling ane time i stepped inside. The house was really spacious, afterwards i industrial plant life out that this house is the biggest beach guild inwards Bali! There's tons of places to chill out at: the magnificent pool, the puddle bar, the boho swing, the wooden benches, together with the tiki huts! Absolutely dearest this place, volition come upwardly dorsum for sure.

3. Potato Head Beach Club
Entrance Fee: None - nutrient together with drinkable spending
Area: Seminyak
Bookings: (0361) 4737979

This beach guild is really famous. However, i conduct maintain to confess that this is non ane of my faves. The house gained thence much popularity that it was VERY total yesteryear the fourth dimension i got there. It was besides crowded to chill or accept photos for me obviously. But the house was nice, just conduct maintain to come upwardly when it's non that crowded indeed.

4. Single Fin Bar
Entrance Fee: None - nutrient together with drinkable spending
Area: Pecatu
Bookings: (0361) 769941

I know this is non a beach club, but i cannot deal but sharing this place. There's a beach nether the house thence this counts equally a beach bar :D This is a skilful house to pass afternoons to evenings. Watching sunsets, feeling the current of air breeze, yesteryear the means the current of air was crazy. But the sentiment was just amazing. As the Sun set, the heaven turned darker together with the lights were taking over the night. It just became to a greater extent than together with to a greater extent than beautiful. They conduct maintain some salubrious bowls places also roughly for y'all to munch on. The house was also pretty far from the urban substance centre, but it was definitely worth the long drive.

So those were the beach clubs together with bars i visited on my lastly trip. They are all gratis of entrance fee, thence if you're looking for a beach guild on a budget, these tin live your options.

Happy to share!


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