Visit Pinkish Beach, Komodo National Park, Lombok.

When visiting Komodo National Park, Pink Beach is considered a "must" natural attractions on Komodo Island to cease by.It is called  Pink Beach because it's pinkish sands on the beach. However, local people prefer to telephone telephone it Red Beach, as well as spell the unusual tourists prefer to telephone telephone it Pink Beach. The sand is pinkish as well as really soft it volition seem to a greater extent than clearly when the sand is swept away by the waves.

The attractions of this expanse is non solely the pretty beach, but underwater life likewise offers a stunning beauty as well as natural wealth to dive. In the Pink Beach itself, in that place are a lot of marine life that includes 1500 species of fish, 250 species of coral, and approximately 75 species sponges. Therefore, snorkeling or diving is an activity that should non be bypassed yesteryear tourists while visiting this beautiful beach.

How to instruct to the Pink Beach? The commencement goal you lot should become is Labuan Bajo. And to instruct to Labuan Bajo itself, you lot tin give notice accomplish it through 3 channels, namely the sea, land as well as air. By the sea, you tin give notice accept a body of body of water vessels from Tanjung Benoa, Bali heading to Labuan Bajo with move fourth dimension less than about i solar daytime trip. Over land, you lot tin give notice accept a bus from Denpasar, Bali to Labuan Bajo as well as so across the body of body of water with ferry.

The fastest means to instruct the beach is yesteryear air.You tin give notice wing either quest to Labuhan Bajo, or indirectly yesteryear stopping over Denpasar, Bali. Starting from Oct 21,2016 Garuda Republic of Indonesia Airways, the national flag carrier, officially opened  a quest flying 6 times a calendar week to Labuhan Bajo (except Saturday).  Flights from Djakarta to Labuan Bajo is scheduled to depart from Djakarta at 10:05 pm as well as volition instruct inwards in Labuan Bajo at 13:35 pm. While Labuan Bajo-Jakarta is scheduled to depart from Labuan Bajo at 14.15 pm as well as volition instruct inwards in Djakarta at 15:25 pm. But if you lot missed it, you lot could cease over Denpasar, Bali earlier departing for Labuan Bajo.

To marine enthusiasts, the best means of enjoying the exoticism of Komodo National Parks is yesteryear leisurely traveling alongside the scattered islands yesteryear boats or live-aboard travel. Imagined, spell living on board, you lot would live on cruising to  relish a beautiful seascape surrounding the Komodo National Park,then stopped yesteryear Pink Beach as well as so instruct ashored for outdoor activities similar snorkeling, or strolling along the beach.


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