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Botanical garden inward Republic of Indonesia has been associated with  tourism attractions, inward fact, it functions to a greater extent than than mere leisure activities. Bogor Botanical garden, for example, since its foundation, has besides served equally a major query together with instruction oculus for agriculture together with horticulture. It is operated past times Indonesian Institute of Science (LIPI) together with collects 13,983 dissimilar kinds of trees together with plants of diverse root inward Indonesia. It is considered alongside the oldest botanical garden inward Southeast Asia (

Currently, at that spot are five botanical gardens operated past times LIPI together with 27 past times local governments inward xx provinces. These botanical gardens correspond solely 17 of 34 eco-region (geographical eco-systems) inward Indonesia. The botanical gardens (BGs) are equally follows :
  • Samosir BG, North Sumatra (100 ha) : high province plants inward North Sumatra;
  •  Pelalawan BG inward Pelalawan, Riau (100 ha) : peatland forests inward Sumatra;
  •  Batam BG inward Riau Islands (86 ha) : plants of pocket-size islands inward Indonesia;
  •  Solok BG in, West Sumatra (112.6 ha) : spices plants of Indonesia;
  •  Bukit Sari BG inward , Jambi (425 ha) : depression province plants of Sumatra;
  •  Sriwijaya BG inward South Sumatra (100 ha) : medicinal plants together with moisture province of Sumatra;
  •  Liwa BG inward Lampung (116 ha) : ornament plants;
  •  Bogor BG inward West Java (87 ha) : depression province plants with moisture climate;
  •  Cibinong BG inward West Java (309 ha) : Indonesia's plants based on bio-region;
  •  Cibodas BG inward West Java (84.99 ha) : high province of Western Indonesia;
  •  Kuningan BG inward West Java (172 ha) : rocky expanse plants together with Mount Ciremai;
  • Baturaden BG inward Central Java (142 ha) : mount plants of Java island;
  • Indrokilo BG inward Boyolali, Central Java (8 ha) : pelting woods plants of depression province ;
  • Purwodadi BG, East Java (85 ha) : depression province plants of dry out climate;
  • Eka Karya BG inward Bali (157.5 ha) : high province plants of Eastern Indonesia;
  • Jaganatha BG, Jembrana bali (5.8 ha) : Typical plants for rituals;
  • Lombok BG inward West Nusa Tenggara (130 ha) : Smaller Sunda Islands Plants;
  • Sambas BG inward Sambas West Borneo (300 ha) : Borneo Riparian Plants;
  • Danau lait BG inward West Borneo (328 ha) : Equatorial Zone Plants;
  • Katingan BG inward Katingan Central  Borneo : Indonesia's Fruit Plants;
  • Banua BG inward Banua South Borneo (100 ha) : Medicinal Plants inward Kalimantan;
  • Balikpapan BG inBalikpapan East Borneo (309) : Wood Plants inward Indonesia;
  • Minahasa BG inward North Sulawesi (186 ha) : high province plants inward Wallacea Zone;
  • Megawati Soekarnoputri BG inward North Sulawesi (221 ha) : plants inward Wallacea Zone;
  • Kendari BG inward Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi (113 ha) :  plants over utramafic soil;
  • UHO BG inward Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi (22.88 ha) : Endemic plants of Sulawesi;
  • Massenrempullu BG, inward Enrenkang, South Sulawesi (300 ha) : Wallacea Zone Plants ;
  • Jompie BG, inward Parepare, South Sulawesi (13,5 ha) : Coastal Wallacea Zone Plants;
  • Pucak BG, inward Maros, South Sulawesi (120 ha) : plants of economical values ;
  • Wamena BG, inward Wamena, Papua (160 ha) : Middle Mountain Plants;
  • East Belitung BG, Bangka Belitung Islands ;
  • Sampit BG, inward Sampit, Central Borneo ;
  • Gianyar BG, Gianyar Bali;
    Bamboo Collection inward Bogor Botanical Garden.
    Conservation computer programme of specific plants across the archipelago lags behind. So far Botanical gardens has collected 26 per centum of threatened plants  inward Indonesia. Yet, it accounts for solely 25 per centum of plants inward Indonesia. This agency that some 75 per centum has no collections inward the Botanical Gardens. Despite this fact, Botanical Gardens is worth of visiting to sympathise the ultimate diverseness of Republic of Indonesia inward damage of its national wealth.
    A Beautiful Lake Surrounded past times Plant Collection inward BBG.

    Source : Kompas, Friday, Feb 24, 2017.


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