Up-Coming Tourism Events Inwards Indonesia (February - March 2017).

Jogja Air Show ( Bantul, 23-25 February)

jogja Air Show is an nnual air acrobat termination organized past times Yogyakarta Government Office, Federation of Aero Sport Indonesia, together with Adisucipto Air Force Base. Located at an airfield of Depok, Bantul Beach, this fifty-fifty presents to a greater extent than than 300 athletes of diverse air sports from to a greater extent than or less the the world including England, Malaysia, together with the Philippines. From aerospace sports, aero modeling, paragliding, to acrobatic paragliding, the Jogja Air Show is a must-go for all air adrenaline-seekers. Jogja Air Show every bit good holds a photography contests together with music performance.

Pasola War Festival (February - March 2017)

Pasola War Festival is an termination to limited gratuity to the ancestral spirit of a tribe inward West Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara. This festival takes on a literal pregnant of war, where 2 large groups of people are divided into 2 teams; they volition struggle each other using blunt spears piece riding a horse. The give-and-take Pasola itself is driven from the give-and-take Pa (game) together with Hola (to throw a javelin). Thus Pasola War is translated every bit a state of war game of dexterity past times throwing a javelin onto the opponent. The ritual is believed to live able to permanently shape the mental attitude of people so that they tin alive happily e'er after. In addition, Pasola is believed to direct maintain a unopen connection to agriculture; whatever blood spilled inward this festival from sacrificial cattle or men participating are considered necessary every bit a symbol of prosperity.

Java Jazz Festival (March 3-5, 2017)
Are y'all a jazz enthusiast? if so, Djakarta International Java Jazz Festival (JIJJF) is a perfect for you. Recognized every bit i of the largest festivals inward the world, this yearly termination offers both international together with local line of piece of job upward of jazz performers every bit good every bit artists from other genres, including pop, soul together with R&B. Located at Djakarta International Expo (JIEXPO), PRJ Kemayoran, North Jakarta, Java Jazz 2017's line of piece of job upis fifty-fifty to a greater extent than extraordinary than lastly year. Strap inward together with acquire develop to come across a trance-like experience from i of the most magnificent music festivals inward the country.

Tour de Bintan (March 3-5, Bintan, Riau Islands)

Bintan natural beauty undoubtedly draws diverse international sporting events, together with i of them is Tour de Bintan, a worthy challenge for passionate cyclists, both professional person together with newbies alike. Taking house amidst picturesque roads of lush forests together with traditional villages, Tour de Bintan is both  provoking challenge together with an eye-candy to cyclists. Awarded the UCi label, Tour de Bintan' winner volition live granted a one-way ticket to the Grand Fondo World Championships. Tour de Bintan easily attracts over a M of cyclists from to a greater extent than or less Asia, together with y'all could live a winner of this beautiful cycling route. Address : Bintan Culture & Tourism Office, Jalan Trikora, Telp +627717011566. www.bintantourism.com

ASEAN Master Golf Tournament (Tering Bay Country Club, March xix 2017)

Batam is an isle famous for its golf game course, specially for avid golfers to a greater extent than or less the world. Located inward the most breathtaking places of the island, Batam's golf game courses are spread through out lush landscape together with nourished greeneries amongst views of blue-green ocean; most of them are designed past times the world's most renowned golf game legends. Association of Southeast Asian Nations Master Golf Tournament is a pro golf game tournament held inward Tering Bay, northward of Batam. The golf game course of written report is designed past times Greg Norman. With the most breathtaking sights, this golf game course of written report is outstandingly a really challenging 72-par course of written report of rolling hills together with broad H2O hazards. Inviting the best pro golfers from diverse countries, this must-go termination for all of golf game lovers. Address: Jalan Hang Lekiu KM.4, Nongsa, Sambau, Batam Kota, Kota Batam, Riau Islands. 

Bali Spirit Festival (March 19-22)

Bali Spirit Festival gathers renowned musicians, yogis, together with dancers from to a greater extent than or less the world. amongst a cherished version past times its founders of creating a festival that builds together with supports communities through a amount specturm of good for y'all activities, Bali Spirit Festival celebrates Indonesia's cultural richness, the sanctity of the environment, together with the hsrmonius conncetions betwixt everyone. Reconnecting the body, soul, together with mind, y'all tin experience silence through eye-opening programs: yoga together with meditation, trip the lite fantastic together with martial arts, healing, together with breathework. Make no mistake; this festival is both an energetic together with a constructive awakening for your holiday.

Ogoh Ogoh Festival (March 27)

On the twenty-four hr menses of Nyepi or Bali's Day of Silence, at that topographic point is qa parade created to cleanse the spiritually-polluted surround : Ogoh Ogoh Parade. Symbolizing a mythological beingness of evil spirit, the parade's mascot is built past times villagers together with and then marched through the street. As a symbol of  purification, Ogoh Ogoh is burned to ashes at a nearby cemetry, the parade's lastly dstination. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 mystically high tradition, ogoh ogoh parade is celebrated i twenty-four hr menses earlier the Saka New Year. Combining spirituality together with appreciation of the Mother Narture, Ogoh Ogoh Parade is an level filled amongst eerily beautiful celebration together with magical promise that volition sure transcends y'all amongst a feeling of wonder. Address : Denpasar Cultre & Tourism Office Jl. Majapahit No.1 Denpasar, Bali. Contact Phone Number : +623618495707.

Mentaram Festival (March)

Located on the western side of Lombok Island, Mataram is the upper-case alphabetic quality of West Nusa Tenggara. In this largest metropolis of the island, Mentaram festival is celebrated annually amongst a line of piece of job upward of activities, including culinary festival, folk games, souvenir exhibitions, every bit good Lombok's native arts together with cultural performances. Only a ferry away, the isle every bit good holds Mataram Great Sale, showcasing hotels, malls, gastronomy, together with locomote exhibitions. When y'all see the magnificent Lombok Island this fourth dimension of year, y'all alresdy know where to go: satisfy y'all v bodily senses together with larn nigh West Nusa tenggara's civilisation inward this hidden haven.
North Sumatra Fair (March-April)
Pekan Raya Smatra Utara (PRSU), or the North Sumatra Fair, is the biggest annual termination inward North Sumatra, participated past times 33 regencies together with cities, regime together with somebody owned products. The North Sumatra Fair is held to commemorate the anniversary of North Sumatra Province; every year, to a greater extent than than 250,000 visitors attend this massive event. The North Sumatera Fair consists of diverse attractions, such every bit attractive rides, 3D simulation ride, a common of lanterns, a rabbit park, pet lover's community, competitions, civilisation night, a carnival, band performances, together with a surprise termination that changes every year,. But the top of the fair is the cultural performance, performed past times every ethnic grouping that resides inward North Sumatra. Address : North Sumatra Culture & Tourism Office Jalan Jenderal Ahmad Yani No.107, Medan, North Sumatra, Contact Phone Number : +62614528436.

Source: Ministry of Tourism & Culture, Republic of Indonesia.

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