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Lake on the mount is a bonus given past times nature to the climbers. In Republic of Indonesia in that place bebapa mount that has a lake inwards it. If in that place is a lake on Mount Semeru Ranu Kumbolo, therefore at Mount Rinjani in that place Segara Anak lake. Segara Anak Lake is a modest paradise given past times Rinjani mount to the climber. The beautifully clear lake is located at an height of nigh 2,008 meters higher upwards bounding main marking inwards the hamlet of Lawang Sembalun, Lombok, NTB

Segara Anak are business office of the Mount Rinjani National Park which is splendid for the climbers. There are no climbers who produce non desire to fix human foot on the highest volcano inwards Indonesia, the minute this. Segara Anak Lake jamming normally used every bit a military camp past times the climbers. Beautiful scenery or therefore the lake is something that is real honey to exceed up. In this lake the climbers could produce some fun activities such every bit fishing, swimming or simply accept inwards the beauty of creation contemplate the Creator

The surface area of the lake Segara Anak is nigh 1,100 hectares amongst a depth of betwixt 160 sec / d 230 meters. In this lake in that place are many unlike types of freshwater fish such every bit carp, tilapia together with tilapia. The climbers are allowed to accept the fish. It does non wound to convey a line-fishing pole spell climbing Mount Rinjani

Segara Anak Lake is a existent portrait of the wonders that tin hold upwards flora on the mountain. In the middle of this lake in that place is a modest volcano which is a subsidiary of Mount Rinjani. The mount is a mount New Finger. The mount is standing upright inwards the middle of the lake, making the scene or therefore Segara Anak buy the farm to a greater extent than beautiful. Mount Baru Jari has an height of 2,376 meters higher upwards bounding main level

Lake Segara Anak lake is non arbitrary. This lake is a lake that is quite sacred to Sasak. In certainly months held a serial of traditional ceremonies to accolade Enjani goddess, the goddess who is believed to hold upwards the inhabitants of this region. Around the lake in that place are too several caves together with waterfalls. That said, the Balinese Hindu community has too come upwards to this house at certainly times for the purposes of religious ceremonies.

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