Woow Vii Famous Tourist Attractions Inward Tana Toraja

Tana Toraja is exotic tourist destination. Tana Toraja Regency (Torajaland, Land of the Toraja or Tator) is a regency of South Sulawesi, Indonesia, dwelling work solid of Toraja ethnic grouping people. Since 1984, Tana Toraja has been named every bit the minute tourist goal afterwards Bali inwards Indonesia. Since then, hundreds of thousands of unusual visitors receive got visited this regency. In addition, numerous Western anthropologists receive got come upwards to Tana Toraja to report the indigenous civilization as well as people of Toraja.

Tana Toraja is famous for its cultural richness. Very famous for their traditional work solid building. The traditional work solid called Tongkonan. Tana Toraja has a specific as well as unique funeral ceremony which is called Rambu solo. Speaking of Rambu solo ceremony, Toraja ethnic communities receive got unique handling inwards the representative of a funeral. In this area, the bodies were non buried but placed inwards Tongkonan for some time. This fourth dimension catamenia tin live to a greater extent than than 10 years until the work solid unit of measurement receive got plenty coin to create the proper ceremonies for the dead. After the ceremony, the bodies were taken to his lastly resting within caves or wall mount. In addition, Tana Toraja too has the most visited tourist the place. Most of them are caves as well as stone walls, larn the place, for the corpse every bit a lastly resting place.

Here are transcend tourist attractions inwards Tana Toraja:

1. Pallawa

Pallawa is a traditional work solid of Tana Toraja, which is built with bamboo construction as well as hence the arch-shaped roof similar boats, traditional work solid has two functions every bit a kitchen as well as bedroom. Then the front end of the work solid in that location is a buffalo horn scheme that has been arranged neatly. Pallawa has its ain charm, a lot of fine art as well as civilization is stored inwards Tana Toraja tribal house, create non live surprised if tourists brand Pallawa every bit i of their goal to the North Sulawesi. Located at 12 Km to the due north of Rantepao.

2. Londa

Then the minute pop tourist goal inwards Tana Toraja is Londa, which is a typical funeral Tana Toraja residents, where the tombs are placed inwards the cliff walls of the cave. The tomb neatly arranged according to lineage. On the other side of the colina are left open, overlooking the greenish expanse of scenery. Londa is located inwards the hamlet of Sendan Uai, Sanggalai district, near five Km to the southward of Rantepao, Tana Toraja.

3. Ke'te Kesu

Ke'te Kesu hateful oculus of activity, where the presence of the township, the house of carving crafts, as well as cemeteries. Activity oculus is a row of traditional work solid called Tongkonan, which is the object of this charming village. In addition, in that location are rice granary as well as megaliths buildings inwards the vicinity. About 100 yards behind this hamlet in that location is a cliff burial sites. This hamlet is too known every bit carving skills possessed past times its inhabitants every bit good every bit a keen house to store for souvenirs. Located near 4 km from southeast Rantepao.

4. Batu Tumonga

In this surface area you lot tin uncovering near 56 stone inwards a loop with 4 trees inwards the middle. Most of the stones receive got a meridian of near 2-3 meters. From this house you lot tin come across the beauty of Rantepao as well as surrounding valleys. Located inwards the surface area Sesean, with an height of 1300 meters inwards a higher house body of body of water level. When morn inwards Batutumonga, fog as well as a develop of white clouds wrapping the heaven Tana Toraja. You'll experience similar beingness standing, inwards the province of clouds. Batutumonga is a fairly serenity surface area as well as serenity activities. There's non much you lot tin create other than taste the natural beauty as well as tranquility. It is suitable for those who desire to eliminate fatigue.

5. Lemo

Lemo is a tomb made ​​in the rocks hill. This colina is named Lemo because its shape resembles a citrus fruit (lime). On the hill, in that location are near 75 graves as well as each hole is a work solid unit of measurement tomb, with a size of iii x five M. To brand this hole tin accept half-dozen months to 1 yr at a terms of some Rp. xxx million. This house is oft referred to every bit the dwelling work solid of the spirits. In this cemetery, you lot tin come across the bodies stored inwards the opened upwards air, alongside the steep rocks. This cemetery is a blend of death, fine art as well as ritual. At certainly times the corpses article of apparel volition live replaced with the ritual. Lemo grave stone is located inwards the due north Makale, Tana Toraja.

6. Rafting on the River Sa'dan

Sa'dan river has a length of near 182 km as well as an average width of fourscore meters as well as has a tributary, every bit many every bit 294. Along the river in that location are some rapids with dissimilar levels of difficulty, inwards addition, the topography of the surface area is too really appealing with natural beauty as well as cool air along the way.

7. Rambu Solo funeral Ceremony

Rambu solo is Tana Toraja's traditional funeral ceremony aims to award as well as deliver the spirits of people who died towards the realm of the spirit, which is returned to the immortality with their ancestors inwards a resting place. The ceremony is oft too called the completion ceremony of death, because the mortal who died had considered completely dead afterwards all this ceremonial procession fulfilled. The culmination of ceremony held inwards a specialized field. Moreover, inwards this ceremony in that location are many cultural attractions on display, including buffalo race earlier slaughter for sacrifice. There are too performances some Toraja music as well as dance. This traditional ceremony is unremarkably held inwards Kampung Bonoran, Ke'te Kesu Village.

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