Woow Tanah Lot, Bali

Tanah Lot tourist attraction is located inwards sub-province of Tabanan, just inwards countryside of Beraban, district of Kediri, sub-province of Tabanan.

Tanah Lot tourist attraction visited past times 1 one K one thousand of domestic as well as unusual tourist every year, then that Tanah Lot becoming 1 of the tourism icon inwards Bali. It is because of Tanah Lot accept dissimilar characteristic. This small-scale isle looks floating when the bounding main degree is high just when it is down, nosotros tin walk on the beach to the temple. The isle has many caves that formed past times the waves. as well as the caves are inhabited past times bounding main snakes. Local people don't disturb these snakes because they belief that the snakes belong to the God inwards the temple.

Characteristics of Tanah Lot:
  1. Tanah Lot temple is close from the run into when. For many reasons this is a real beautiful house to visit.
  2. There is a cave of holly snakes which is located inwards front end of the temple. Local peoples believe that the snakes are guards of the temple
  3. The thought of the sunset combine amongst Tanah Lot temple, is a real enjoyable atmosphere to watch.
  4. A requral ceremony held every 6 month, as well as many to a greater extent than ceremonies that held inwards the same calendar week at Pakendungan temple.
  5. Tanah Lot is rocky beaches inwards examine of making overnice wave.

Because of this beauty, many tourists domestic or international come upwards to this place. But must survive realized that the administration of Tanah Lot, inventiveness as well as performance, involve to survive increased to prepare Tanah Lot Area.

Apart from Tabanan ± thirteen km
Apart from Denpasar is nigh ± twenty km
Wide : 202.830 m²
Circle : 2.509 m
North : Rice Field
East : Bali Nirvana Resort
South : Indian Ocean
West : Indian Ocean as well as River of Kutikan

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