Bali Weather Forecast in April 2013 for Travelers Reference

Want to know detail Bali Weather Forecast in April 2013 for Travelers Reference!Knowing about Bali Weather forecast Info plus best time when to go visiting Bali island  and early booking a good hotel and flight ticket are first step before you make great holidays in island of gods Bali beside booking a hotel and flight ticket. If you plan visiting Bali on April 2013, searching info about Bali Weather April 2013 Forecast is a must.

Below Weather Forecast in Bali in April 2013 Information

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Weather in Bali April 2013 is one of the hottest months of the year in Bali island, although the temperature only tends to rise by one degree compared to the other months of the 2013 year. With temperature highs of 31°C, while lows hover around the 24°C.

Weather in Bali April 2013 brands the start of Bali’s dry season, and rainfall takes a nosedive, with just 100mm expected throughout the month; that’s less than half that of the preceding month. azure skies are widespread throughout the daytimes, with rainfall tending to attach to early forenoon and late evening. Humidity becomes a bit more snug now, at round 65%.
Information about Bali weather year round/Bali monthly weather(weather in bali in january, weather in bali in february, weather in bali in march, weather in bali in april, weather in bali in may, weather in bali in june, weather in bali in july, weather in bali in august, weather in bali in september, weather in bali in october, weather in bali in november, weather in bali in december) also important for travelers who want visit Bali Island to vacation.

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