Bali Weather Year Round

Bali Weather Forecast Map : Complete detail Bali Weather Year Round for travelers !. Bali weather year round temperatures average about 31 °C. High humidity can be anticipated throughout the damp time of the year between the months of October - April. Bali weather year round has a tropical weather befitting to its proximity to the equator. The Dry time of the year between the months of May - September have furthermore the smallest humidity.

The damp time of the year brings daily rainfall and calm overcast days with the most rainfall noted between December - February. Occasionally rainfall can furthermore be expected throughout the dry time of the year but usually at evening or very early morning. June - August there is generally a very refreshing cooling breeze all day long. The central hill locality is normally cooler than the lower seaboard areas mainly particularly at evening.
Bali Weather Year Round
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While climatically it is advised to visit Bali throughout the dry season of April to October, the damp Season from November to March coincides with the south hemisphere’s summer which attracts those who have time off over summer. If you are up for a party atmosphere, the time to proceed is throughout the rainy time of the year. scholars, travellers and youth flock to the isle and make the most of the lower prices that the rainy season attracts. If you want to bypass rowdy evening clubs and a vibrant party atmosphere then avoid Bali, Kuta in specific, all through January and February. Bali is a very popular tourist destination for inhabitants of Australia, in specific for those close by Perth or Darwin as it is only a short, bargain, air travel away.

December and January glimpse Bali weather year round at its most humid, with relation humidity averaging 85% which makes the weather somewhat intolerable. Rainfall is furthermore at its largest throughout this time with 280mm – 300mm dropping monthly through the months December to February. Throughout the rainy time of the year the heat continues solid, with the rainfall arrives cooling respite but bigger humidity. It’s not called the Wet time of the year for nothing, with the district seeing nearly every day tropical downpours.

Bali Weather Year Round
Months Temperatures Average Rainfall (mm)
January 17 - 30°C 63 - 86°F 347
February 17 - 29°C 63 - 84°F 288
March 17 - 29°C 63 - 84°F 214
April 17 - 31°C 63 - 88°F 95
May 18 - 31°C 64 - 88°F 76
June 19 - 31°C 66 - 88°F 71
July 21 - 31°C 70 - 88°F 50
August 22 - 32°C 72 - 90°F 24
September 21 - 32°C 70 - 90°F 40
October 20 - 32°C 68 - 90°F 90
November 19 - 31°C 66 - 88°F 155
December 18 - 31°C 64 - 88°F 293

The rainy time of the year lasts through until about April, which coincidentally sees Bali experience its hottest month. Humidity in April starts to pass away off to about 65 – 70% and the mean warmth is at a maximum of 33 ºC. April and May can be rather an enjoyable time to visit as it is just former to the top season of June- August so the district isn’t as busy and the climate is slightly more bearable.

June through to September is the Dry time Bali weather year round and temperatures stay at an average of 31- 33 ºC, humidity is seated at an average 60 – 65% and rainfall is at a smallest (though so anticipate sporadic rainfall even throughout the dry season.) Just like mainly seaboard regions however the villages are cleaned with an evening refreshing ocean breeze which supplies a greeting break from the heat. This time period is Bali’s ‘peak season’ so you can anticipate hoards of visitors and higher prices throughout this time, especially throughout July and August. 
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